Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angouleme Comics Festival - 2010

Last week I had the chance to visit Europe's biggest comics festival in Angouleme, France. Angouleme has been a home for this festival since 1974 and every year it attracts around 200.000 visitors from all around the world. The festival goes on for 4 days at almost 20 different spots of the city. I managed to visit more or less all of them and all I can say that it was magnificient!

Some Photos

Buildings from the city, drawings on walls:

Familiar face on a cosmetics shop's window.

Photos from the Comics Museum of Angouleme (yes they have a museum for comics!)
Corto Maltese welcomes you on the way to the museum.

Museum exhibition area:

Everybody is reading comics:

A modern dance show at the museum. Over the box there is a bed, and the dude is dreaming. As you can guess he is falling on this dream.

Museum shop, all the books you see are comics!

Original drawings from some really big names of the comics. (going back to Winsor McKay)
It was an amazing experience to see the those guys pencil, eraser marks on the paper.

Original pages from Spawn:

Beautiful ink work from Hugo Pratt

From Mike Mignola:

Thor from Jack Kirby, Wolverine from John Buscema, side by side. Nuff Said!

Sweet lines from Frazetta:

Pure motivation:

One Piece exhibition in the Manga Building.

Original Captain America cover:

You can read and vote the books which are running in this year's competition:

Signing writers, artists:


Moebius, the legend himself, drawing at Wacom's stand.

Another exhibition in the historic cathedral of Angouleme.

A publisher's stand. So many comics!

Alan Martin, the creator of Tank girl having an interview:

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